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N64 Box Variants

A listing of the various N64 box variants that were available during the systems lifetime. From different sized boxes, to sticker variants and pack-in variants.

The N64 has seen a handful of different box variants, some with different size manufactured boxes, and others with add-ins sealed to the back. We will go over the NTSC / North American variants :

N64 Sizing Variants :

Standard sizing

This is the most common sizing and covers most of the N64's library. 

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Big Box

Pokemon Stadium (Big Box)

Larger box designed to accommodate the N64 transfer Pak

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Hey You Pikachu (Big Box)

Larger box designed to accommodate the N64 Microphone

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Star Fox 64 (Big Box)

Larger box designed to accommodate the N64 Rumble Pak

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Rampage 2 : Universal Tour (Big Box)

Larger box designed to accommodate one of three plush variants

Disney's Tarzan (Big Box - Outer Box) 

Larger outer box designed to accommodate the regular release game and Tarzan figures

N64 Printing Variants :

The N64 has also seen a couple of printing variants, where the standard sizing N64 box is used, but a unique variant exists.

Players Choice

The most common printing variant was the players choice. Certain games were re-released at a lower retail price to commemorate the games success. A separate run of boxes with a gold "Players Choice" ribbon was made. There were 15 different games with players choice boxes.

Gauntlet Legends - Figurine Variant

Gauntlet Legends includes a cut-out in the top left hand corner with a window for the figurine. Although there was once some discussion about which figure was include, it is generally accepted that it is the figure with the big axe.

There is both a standard variant (without the cut-out) and Figure Variant (with the cut-out).


Micro Machines 64 - Toy Car Variant

Micro Machines 64 includes a cut-out in the top left hand corner with a window for the toy car. There are various different models of toy cars available.

There is both a standard variant (without the cut-out) and Toy Car Variant (with the cut-out).

Toy Story 2 - Movie Ticket Variant

Printed on the box on the right hand corner. 

Star Fox 64 - No Rumble Pak (Standard Size)

Standard sized game, with players choice sticker. No rumble pak is included in this variant.


N64 Sticker / Pack-In Variants :

There are various documented variants which include the standard sized box, packaged with an additional pack-in or sticker on the box or seal.

Shadowman (Sunglasses)

Sticker on the seal, Sunglasses sealed to the back.

World Driver Championship (T-Shirt)

Sticker on the seal, T-Shirt sealed to the back.


Rampage 2 : Universal Tour (T-Shirt)

Sticker on the box, T-Shirt sealed to the back.


Rayman 2 : Great Escape (Stickers)

Sticker on the seal, sticker sheet packed in.


Rayman 2 : Great Escape (Tattoos)

Sticker on the seal, tattoo sheet packed in.


NFL Blitz 2000 (Mini Guide)

Sticker on the box, mini guide sealed to the back.


Army Men Sarge's Heroes (Keychain)

Sticker on the seal, army men key chain packed in.

If you are aware of any other variants not listed, or would like to contribute more pictures, please leave a comment below.


  • Dylan Pincombe

    Wrestlemania 2000 came with a cool holographic changing card on the back of the box

  • Enzo

    One variant that was not noted was the players choice sticker variant where it’s a first edition box with a gold players sticker. I can provide photos of my this variant on my sealed copy of Super Mario 64

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