Gamecube Box Variants

A listing of the various Gamecube box variants that were available during the systems lifetime. From different sized boxes, to sticker variants and pack-in variants.

The Gamecube has seen a handful of different box variants, some with different size manufactured boxes, and others with add-ins sealed to the back. We will go over the NTSC / North American variants :

Gamecube Sizing Variants :

Standard sizing

This is the most common sizing and covers most of the Gamecube's library. 


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Big Box

Mario Party 6 / Mario Party 7 (Big Box)

Larger box designed to accommodate the Gamecube microphone.



Gamecube Printing Variants :

The Gamecube has also seen a couple of printing variants, where the standard sizing Gamecube case is used, but a unique variant exists.

Players Choice


Gamecube Sticker / Pack-In Variants :

There are various documented variants which include the standard sized case, packaged with an additional pack-in or sticker on the box or seal.



If you are aware of any other variants not listed, or would like to contribute more pictures, please leave a comment below.

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